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Jobs in Real Estate Other Than Agent

There are dozens of different jobs in real estate. They range from construction, renovation contracting, marketing, and corporate management. Most of these roles require a degree or certification. However, there are some that don’t.

The most common careers in the industry are real estate agents and brokers. These professionals work with buyers and sellers to find properties that match their needs. Real estate agents can work with a broker or independently.

Another common real estate career is asset managers. Asset managers work to reduce costs and maximize the value of a property. This can mean identifying sources of revenue, managing liabilities, and forecasting revenues.

For example, an investment manager may need to do a full-scale rebuild of a property. He or she also has to demonstrate the potential profit to investors.

There are also attorneys. In order to become a lawyer, you’ll have to complete a law school program and pass the bar exam in your state. You’ll also need to gain experience working in a law firm, title company, or a real estate brokerage.

If you’re looking for a career that offers passive income, you might want to consider becoming a real estate investor. Many individuals choose this path because they can invest without needing a large sum of cash. Aside from having little or no experience, this job requires a keen eye for distressed properties.

Real estate marketing specialists are responsible for executing marketing duties for brokers. These individuals design digital and print content, develop social media strategies, and create campaign emails.



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